Photos are in B&W for two reasons. 1. The paddy field was already harvested during our visit. It was not green just like how I wished it to be. (Yes we did no research before leaving) It was just me standing on a huge acre of plain soil. 2. The river water was not clean, it looked really turbid in the photo. I made it two-toned with a few clicks here and there, it does not look as bad anymore.

 To be honest, the boats in the fishing village looked really colourful with contrasting colours. The only thing was the strong fishy stench, but I know it is something that is present and unavoidable in fishing areas.

To me, Sekinchan is all about seafood, yummy keropok (especially the sweet potato flavoured), and a lot of picture takings. You can see everything within a day/ round trip, except when there is traffic congestion.




lengthy post ahead. you may just look at the photos if you wish

Birthdays are just like any normal days, except that we get some special treatment sometimes from the people around us. And I won't lie, I do like the feeling of it. Who doesn't like being remembered, being showered with love:)

Before I move on to narrate my birthday experience, I just want to thank every single person who has made my day extra special... From the small things to the big things. People may not believe me but greetings do mean a lot to me.

There were a series of events that happened, I'll try not to make it so wordy

A few weeks before my birthday, I had my first birthday cake (it was still June haha). I didn't see that surprise coming because the plan was for two other friends. And then later they said 'there is a 3rd surprise'. I still didn't get it. We sung the birthday song, and when they said 'Happy birthday to Kishia' only I knew the 3rd surprise was for me. Haha. But when I returned to Pahang, I realised that I forgot to bring home the cake, oh welll

Some of them went home later, and I had a sleepover at Mad's (my first sleepover:)). After the others went back, those of us who stayed back talked till early morning. Missing that late night talk already

Us The Duo's concert
I also got to be at my first ever concert! US THE DUO! It was really an impromptu thing, the tickets were only out selling on Thursday, and the concert was on Sunday. I quickly told my sister I wanted to go- she said let's go, it's on me your birthday gift. SCREAMS. ok and the best part is I got to see them face-to-face at a close distance during meet and greet. 
'can I hug you both'
'yeah sure' M
the person in charge extends his hand and blocks me
'sorry no more hugs allowed' person in charge
'awwww' C
'virtual hug for youu' C
M for Michael, C for Carissa
Was so close to getting a hug. Both of them are so good looking! Michael's eyes are sooo blue when he looked up I was :))))dazed. Thankful to my sister who gave me the chance to go meet them because only one person was allowed to go. Thank you Ate napaka-selfless niya, labyu

Early birthday dinner @ Gathering
Feels like high school days being with them once again. Thank you for bringing me out and spending time with me so that I'm not a lonely kid haha. My cake was a toast. We took SO MANY selfies together because there was always one of us not satisfied, vanity level = maximum. Peiyi mailed a handmade card over when she was in Taiwan:) Simple joys. Halfway during the dinner I received an email thinking it was another spam again, but it was a birthday email from a good friend

honestly felt so special already tho it wasn't my birthday yet 

In the morning, I accompanied mum to town to do stuff. We also went to buy flowers because mum needed it for her flower arrangement in church. So there are 2 florists in my town, and that day we went to this other one, which we normally don't go too. Upon reaching the florist,
'Are you Kishia, your name is Kishia right'
'Where do you stay'
'Oh, Bentong Makmur'
'House number'
'Ohhhh, happy birthday to you! These flowers are for you'
'Wow who gave them oh my gosh'
Happiness level = sky level
She asked me to open the card, it was from the bestiee Sha (hopes of it coming from a suitor ruined just kidding). I was indeed very flattered, because I really love flowers and I've never received any. Was constantly admiring it at all times hehe. Not long ago when I got a corsage during prom I felt so happy already despite it being one flower. And this is a bouquet I went all awww haha

Also when greeting me, Sha gave me a blog link which read happybirthdaykishia dot blogspot dot com (not exact website as I would like to keep it private, it's something dear to my heart). Initially I thought it was a prank or what, but upon opening it was a blog with heartfelt words from few of my girls. Thankful:) And thank you for the video too

Had a simple dinner with family and we had cake. It's nice to have so many candles on the cake, the whole cake lit up:) And during the weekend, my family and I had dinner together since Ate was gone during my birthday. I asked for my craving too-Snowflake hehe.

I would like to end this by thanking everyone once again. It is impossible for me to list down everyone's name here, but you are not forgotten. Thank you for the email, the phone calls people near and far, texts, whatsapp/viber/fb messages, snaps, card, time, effort, video, blog, words, insta post, basically everything. Thank you for making me feel loved I appreciate you all. God bless your kind souls xx


Do you know

Do you know 
Where you're going to
Do you like the things that life is showing you
Where are you going to
Do you know

Do you get
What you're hoping for
When you look behind you 
There's no open doors
What are you hoping for
Do you know


Some self assurance

There is a difference when you wake up motivated- you decide to rule your day- no sluggish vibes- your day will go well. I just started my exams today, it went well, I really hope it stays the same for the remaining papers.

However, something which means a lot to me happens next Monday, and I have a paper on that same day too- Accounts Paper 4. 2 things of huge weightage, the stress is overwhelming. Both need a lot of preparation. Come what may, I will give my best and whatever the outcome, no regrets. On another note, can someone tell me how to reduce fatigue! I slept early last night since I had a paper today, but right now I can't seem to be productive, feeling super sleepy eyelids keep dropping  


Last week was the end of college classes. 18 months but so much feels. This period of time actually feels so short, but still I am forever thankful for the friends I've made this past year (: It has not hit me much yet since I still get to see my friends during exam days. And I still live in KL, so all is well. When I leave tho :(( There's so much I'll miss? The freedom, the flexibility of deciding my own time since I don't need people to fetch me, the good friends, the hi bye friends, the small talks, man I could list a whole list. Sml for everyone *hearts


Back to my note on being optimistic, it's so important. In the midst of studying and research, you feel worthless and you tell yourself 'Uh, when will I ever get to my goal' 'Can I be in Uni already' 'This is tough' Thankfully, I'm not one who gives up easily- when I want something- I work for it
It's either I fail or succeed, but I remind myself, I have nothing to lose. There is no shortcut for sure. But hey, why so glum chum :) I love it when I feel tired from studying, I turn to my window around evening time (when the sun sets) and I witness something beautiful. I tell myself it's God's way of encouraging me

You know what, #tiwala lang bruh (Just believe bro). 
Surrendering all my worries about my future to the One above!

I'm ready for next Monday! 
Jesus, I need you to keep taking the wheel



This struggle

I have never felt so much struggle during the previous high school or junior school days. I don't know the exact reason why this is happening. I know clearly that my lecturers now are excellent- it's definitely not about them. Or is this how it is after high school? I guess so? I see everyone not having it easy, no matter their route, A-Levels, STPM etc. Or have I been so accustomed to the rote learning style in high school?

Well, all I can do is heave out a sigh, reassure myself that I'll be able to do this, and I will find myself in Uni by the end of this year. With God's grace. Who said you can go to the Uni you want easily. I pray that I get to the right Uni by the end of this year.

My aunt has been telling me about taking a gap year and pursue what I want, go to the UK and study etc. But I know that I need to be realistic- and so far, that's where I see my heart, my steps, and God is leading me to.

Official A MONTH, and my anxiety does not get any better. Jesus take the wheel.