Photos are in B&W for two reasons. 1. The paddy field was already harvested during our visit. It was not green just like how I wished it to be. (Yes we did no research before leaving) It was just me standing on a huge acre of plain soil. 2. The river water was not clean, it looked really turbid in the photo. I made it two-toned with a few clicks here and there, it does not look as bad anymore.

 To be honest, the boats in the fishing village looked really colourful with contrasting colours. The only thing was the strong fishy stench, but I know it is something that is present and unavoidable in fishing areas.

To me, Sekinchan is all about seafood, yummy keropok (especially the sweet potato flavoured), and a lot of picture takings. You can see everything within a day/ round trip, except when there is traffic congestion.


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